Bluesky Day Care In Canada Is In Need Of A Day Care Worker

Child care workers are responsible for the safety and well-being of children in child care settings.

Daily tasks listed on a child care worker resume include organizing activities for children, supervising child care staff, maintaining attendance records, identifying potential hazards to children and taking safety measures, and providing meals and snacks for children.

Essential job requirements listed on a child care worker resume include leadership skills, supervisory skills, attention to safety, accountability, and record-keeping. Training in early childhood education is required for this job.

If you have a valid work permit and can legally work in Canada, you may apply for this position. If you do not have a work permit and are not currently allowed to work in Canada, the employer will not consider your application.

Becoming a child care worker could be a good choice for you if you are passionate about the care and development of children, if you can work with both children and adults, and if you are someone who can keep others in line and enforce rules and regulations.

As the director of a child care facility, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facility and ensuring that the care provided to children is consistent with the philosophy of the facility.

In addition, you will be responsible for program planning, working effectively with staff, working with families and children, liaising with the community, supervising students, and various administrative duties.

Job Organization

Bluesky Day Care

Work Location

11913-134 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5E 1L4


$17.00 per hour for 40 hours per week

Type of Employment

Full Time (Day, Weekend)


English language




1 year to less than 2 years

Additional Qualifications

  • Supervision of staff, interns, or volunteers
  • Ordering supplies and equipment
  • Plan and organize activities for school-aged children in before and after regular school child care programs


Maintaining a healthy, safe, welcoming, comfortable and fun environment for children

– Liaise with local and regional child and family care agencies

– Ensure that all records are maintained for children in the program

– Provide support and guidance to caregivers in the development of children

– Conduct regular staff meetings for the purpose of professional development

– Substitute for absent child care providers as needed

– Provide feedback and input for annual evaluations of individual caregivers and all other staff members

– Liaising with families, child care providers, sponsoring organizations, and appropriate teachers

– Projecting a positive image of the child care facility to the public

– Participating in the preparation of the budget

– Preparing purchase orders and receiving supplies

– Assist in recruiting and hiring staff

Working conditions and physical fitness

A combination of sitting, standing, and walking

Specific skills of early childhood educators

  • Develop and implement child care programs that support and enhance children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development
  • Lead activities by telling or reading stories, teaching songs, and taking children to local points of interest
  • Guide and assist children in developing proper eating, dressing, and toileting habits.
  • Observe children for signs of possible learning or behavior problems and prepare reports for parents, guardians, or supervisors
  • Plan and maintain an environment that protects the health, safety, and well-being of children
  • Assess children’s abilities, interests, and needs and discuss progress or problems with parents and other staff members

Validation of the position

This position is temporary through March 10, 2021.

Method of Application

The application process is by email. Send an email with your cover letter and information to the following email address.

[email protected]

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